Vector Logo


Transform Your Pixelated Logo into a Pristine Vector Masterpiece

I specialise in converting your pixelated raster logos into flawless vector designs perfect for print and beyond.  Whether your logo is blurry, low-resolution, or simply not up to your standards, I can recreate your logo with precision and clarity.

  • High-Resolution Precision: I meticulously redraw your logo for unparalleled clarity.
  • Scalable Design: Enjoy a logo that looks perfect at any size, from tiny icons to large banners.
  • Print-Ready Files: Receive files in the formats you need for flawless print results.
  • Fast Turnaround: Get your new vector logo quickly without compromising on quality.

Enjoy the benefits of a scalable, high-quality vector logo that looks stunning on everything from business cards to large-scale posters, t-shirts and other marketing material.





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